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Palladium Coin Price Comparison BbP Versus Chards

A Google search for palladium coins showed this as the first result on the first page.
Bullion by Post (BullionByPost ) proclaim themselves BullionByPost The UK’s No.1 Online Bullion Dealer*
Note the asterisk.
Near the bottom of the page in the small print, it says:
"* Source: Experian Hitwise – UK Internet Visits (December 2017 – December 2018"
In other words, they are only number 1 in terms of web visits, which is not surprising considering the amount they spend on Google Adwords and other promotion.
BullionByPost’s landing page is for a price for a "Palladium Maple 1oz Coin", the price of which is, or was at the time the screenshot was taken, £1603.20

The "Chards" (there is a connection) page shown was on the 5th page, in 58th place, so almost nobody would see it, which would be an expensive omission for a collector, investor, or other buyer.
Chards price for a similar coin is £1303.20
So by searching more carefully, you could save £300, a huge saving.

Further Notes:
BullionByPost were out of stock, so you would have had to wait for your coin. Their price included insured shipping within the UK.
Chards had coin in stock, but price excludes postage, which would be about £10 on one coin.
The Chard price was "from £1303.20", and was for an investment quantity of 25+ pieces, although the single piece price was still only £62 more at £1365.16
Buying from Chard, you would still save £228 on a single coin including postage.

Chard also had one ounce palladium bullion bars available in stock at the same price.

CoinInvest were £1583
Silver Gold Bull were only £1301.55 – but this did not include VAT or shipping to the UK, VAT was only shown at Checkout
Silver Gold Bull including VAT were £1581.56 plus shipping of £19.82 = £1601.38

Money Metal were $1658.74 excluding VAT equivalent to £1325
Adding VAT would bring this to £1590
Kitco were $1584.50 equivalent, including VAT to £1519
Suisse Gold £1363.77, but including VAT £1636.524
JM Bullion $1592.63 equivalent, including VAT to £1526.76
Golden Eagle Coins $1532.71 equivalent, including VAT to £169.17 (But Out of Stock)

Posted by Lawrence Chard on 2019-07-05 11:19:22

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